Arielle Griffin Photography

Hi friends! I'm Arielle.

I am married to my husband of ten years. Together we have three beautiful children and two pups! I am a stay at home mom and my love for photography started when I had my daughter. During sessions, I prompt you a bit but if you're looking for photos where you're staring at the camera the entire time, that's not me. We run around, play, make jokes and have fun! My favorite thing is seeing you interact with your family and thats what I capture!

Keep reading if you want to know me better :)

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee.
  • Disney and Universal make everything better- you can find me there in my spare time.
  • Coke over Pepsi any day of the week
  • Ewwww David. IYKYK.
  • My Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw!
  • I favor the light side but Kylo holds a special place in my heart- my daughter is obsessed with him!
  • I love a good romantic comedy and cannot stand horror movies
  • I usually keep the TV on for "background noise" but barely watch it 
  • Family is the most important thing to me

Taken by Michelle Sperry Photography

"I literally love Arielle with Arielle Griffin Photography! She is absolutely amazing with the kids which is a huge plus for me! ...I can't say enough good things!"

—Krystal S.